Saturday, May 31, 2014

Life's a BITCH !!


Alright, I can't sleep right now. Why ? Lots of thing bothering my mind. It's one of the night where my brain just boosted from hibernating into full capacity. So I decided to write it down as I always do. 

Why do I need to face so much crisis ? Alright, I'm not blaming my fate or my surroundings for this, I'm fully aware that I solely responsible for everything. Still, there is one small dot of ink on a blank piece of paper, a dot that makes the perfect imperfections in my ideal blissful life. Till now jealousy fills up my mind, so much jealousy, until I can't even breath sometime. Literally mind breathing I mean HAHAHAHA !

Why just they can enjoy their life, without even one single responsibility beared in their mind nor hand ? Responsibility to study hard or even just shut up and come to class or whatever they suppose to do ? Weird right ? With so much good things, plannings and life ahead planned by someone else perfectly laid down infront that just requires them to walk thru, I just can't stand silently watching them ruin their perfectly good life ! It's true life isn't fair anyway, but this is just way too not right. I'm not anyone to say what's right nor what's wrong, but I guess I did my part right, right ? 

One dot cleared, the ripple of the ink is still be seen. Jealousy again. Jealous of something I guess I should jealous of. There is this guy, who never even appreciate what he have. Again I have no rights to say anything since I do not really know him very well. But come on, you let her hand go just because you scared of someone ? Someone that you not even related with !! Do you really want her, or you just wanna have her for the sake of owning her ? Yeah it's complicated, you can still explain and explain and whatever, but this is just too much.. You expecting so much from her yet you can't even give a simple happiness. Sense of belonging. 

Now there's the uncertainty. Uncertainty of my pityful life ! No matter how much hardwork I put in, there's always this uncertainty. Here comes the catch, these people have confirmation when I don't even have the outline !! Life's a BITCH !! Good night :)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sometime it just happens...


People say, libra is the most lovable sign ever. And people too says Gemini might be a bit playful and wild in character. Let's do some chemistry experiment here can we ? Let's just mix this two totally opposite sign in-term of character wise and let's see what happen...

Let me tell you a story, but before starting off with this story, I would like thanks my family, friends and ofcourse all the instructors back in my flying school for giving me such a good experience in life so far. I've clocked 80 hours so far and obtained my first ever license that so called 'wings' of my own, private pilot license. I'm grateful that I'm still in one piece and still on the process of pursuing my life long dream of mine. Let's hope for the best okay ? :)

Okay the story begins like this, there is one guy which is one close friend of mine recently got transferred to another state to pursue his further studies. Well, without thinking much, he accepted the offer and begin his new journey in a state unknown to him. Well, it was hard at first, especially when you do not know anything about the place. Everything going well in his studies till one day, one special day 15 March 2014. It's Friday night and it's time to release some steam ofcourse and he went to one bar and I do not know what strucked him but it was her, the girl in white. The girl with a naive face yet mysterious in character. A girl who gives a conversation yet silently inside hiding from the crowd. A girl he wanted to know more about yet he is afraid to..

Never know things will get this serious but he actually felt love at the first sight. Trying to contain that feelings of his underneath the biggest ego just doesn't work. Knowing she is a Gemini, he dare not to gamble his feelings when he knows that this is just a plain war.. War that he will fall. The Gemini confessed of her complicated mix of feelings, lust and love, while he still hoping to find someone inside her that he might just fall for. And without he realizing it, he just got into the most wonderful walk of love he ever gone thru. 

Care, love, thoughts and jealousy keep building up in him as days of him at that particular situation is counting down. Although he knew, what he was doing is absolutely wrong as the Gemini have nothing to promise him at first, he kept it going in the hope that everything might just change. Things happens, bad things happens, but they gone thru each of it with the hope they share. Memories, memories that will never fade for the last moments, memories that they hope to built in the next future is what they wanted for. No doubt, they fall in love in each other so deeply that heaven might just bless them...

She might not be the prettiest of all, but she is the one with gratitude. She might not be the ideal one, but she might just love you the most. She might not be yours now, but she might be yours forever...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

So close yet so far !

Ambition, what does that means to you guys ? Perhaps dreams, career, life or even just plain family request ! For me, it is always my dreams. Why ? For me without a dream, there won't be wright brothers and they won't be flying machines flying millions of people every single day around the globe !

A lot of my friends might thought my dreams will be becoming a pilot and fly people around the world in airliner right ? Let me make this thing clear, yes it is my dream to be a pilot but it never ever ends there, my ultimate goal since I was 12 years old and still holding strong is to be an Astronaut :)

Yes, an Astronaut ! Yup those spacewalkers in heavy bulky suit that explore the unknown world from humans sense of curiosity ! It might sound impossible at first in a country that is just started to develop less than 20 years ago, but it all came to alive when our country's first astronaut, Datuk Sheikh Mudzaffar rocketed to space in Soyuz capsule under Russian's expertise to the international space station (ISS) that is orbiting just around the low orbit of earth. Everything just started to make sense ever since for a young Malaysian like me :)

You might feel how come I started out as pilot and I'm gonna jump to astronaut career ? Is that even possible ? For your info, most of the space endeavours out there are actually test pilots of aircrafts as their pass career ! Space and sky came very close in term of knowledge and also skills, that's the reason why this even possible at the first place. But of course, an astronaut need a set of special skills to actually perform a series of experiments to be carried out there for research purpose. For more info, just head to NASA website somewhere out there to check it out :)

Recently I really came close to realizing my this dream ! AXE astronaut competition, organized by a man's perfume company, started to recruit people in their website and started a voting competition to be the 2nd astronaut of Malaysia to outer space. Of course without hesitation, I joined and manage to position myself in 15 highest voted person. It might sounded easy, trust me it's not. We as participants are required to prepare a resume kinda stuff to be included in the voting system for people to look through our profile. 

D'day ! I received an email from AXE saying that I've been selected to undergo a final evaluation at KL to be selected as the representative of Malaysia to Orlando, USA space camp training to be sent off to space. My heart literally stopped and I was overwhelmed with excitement. I replied the email and of course waited the next few days for them to call me. One day when I was flying, I received a call from and unknown KL number. But I can't really pick it up, because it is almost impossible for them to hear me in such a loud engine noise from the aircraft I'm flying ! Once I landed I decided to call back, but to my disappointment it was one way number. Well didn't thought that was the only call I missed that caused me to cry for the night when I found out that they have already select the candidates without me in :(

Well, I manage to find myself back after few days when thinking back what a wise person told me, be the best in what you are with what you have ! A simple sentence that woke me up from despair, disappointments and sorrow ! Thank you ! Without your advice seriously I don't think I will get thru this so easily. Sometime seriously ah, you sound like elder than me leh you know or not ? That's the reason I like to talk to you HAHAHAHAHA ! But hor, don't be so stressed with your own philosophy la girl, I know you want to be the best but ermm chill la, like Pilots always say :)

Dedicated this post for dearest Ms. Fang :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Perfect Getaway :)

OKAYYYYYY, it's Raya once again ! I still remember my last year's raya went just normal and I promised this year ain't gonna be like that ! Well, mission accomplished :)

ROUGH touchdown :(
First day, once touchdown I've already planned to go for my long awaited cycling hiek hiek hiek, but half way up to Kek Lok Si, I was like...I'm gonna throw up :( Can't believe my endurance went so BADDDD ! Anyway don't KUA SUI WA ! I still manage to climb to the top kay :) Night, a simple Pasar Malam outing with my buddy Alen and also my Bro and his GF, well first time meeting her ! She's kinda cute and in one part of my heart I'm really happy for my brother as he finally found the ONE :) How about me la ? Hmmmm....


Dartsyyyyy !

Prayer's with Family :)
2nd day chill at home, done some cooking for myself and 3rd day ! The PARTY DAY ! Damn a lot of task to be complited especially Seah Ling's Bitch birthday surprise, well the day was for our BRO's hangover but at last it turned out to be way more unbelievably CRAZY ~! 

Met some new friends, friends of Emmson and so on, quite a bunch of nice and handsome tall guys I guess ? At one moment in the hotel room I was thinking, DAMN why I'm so short compare to them ? I mean physically SHORT ! I was just sad until she told me I'm getting muscular LOL ! Yeah that's right, gym really helped, total 6 person say I fit jor XD ! HAPPY DIE :)

I Appreciate !

Breakfast after Hangover !
Alright, met her after 2 years already, not bad cause we actually still can talk at least after gone thru so many downssss ? Appreciate everything as we only live once right ? SHE THIN JOR !!! LOL !!! Birthday surprise went smooth the other morning, thanks to someone who encouraged me all the way and giving me ideas (some really cute) to execute those impossible tasks (TO PULL SEAH LING OUT FROM HER HOUSE THAT NIGHT) ! You know who you are :)

Best Bitches in my life :)
Next day, steamboat at Seah's house. I swear to GOD, it was the best steamboat I ever had so far, really HOME STYLE ! Maybe before that I went to swim and sauna, tired perhaps ? And I met two GHOST (TOMATO & SULYNN ) before departing to KL the other morning !

NEXTTTTT was KL !!! I can't deny I'm really tired just before I went there, but dont know maybe the excitement keep pushing me to the limit ? Spent 3 days at Sensei Nicholas's home with some great food and great new friends and great whatever hangouts I did at the mall's. Eiii wait, damn it, Subang now a lot new Shopping Mall lo ! Paradigm Mall, really HUGE to Penang la ofcourse. And ofcourse I finally get to taste the awesome-nes of Carl's Jr ! Done some bowling, hangover with Sapek Tequilla Show LOL and chit chat with Nic's family. And ofcourse really thank you to Nic's mum for preparing the best breakfast just before I depart from their house :)

Tequilla SHOTS !

Sky's the LIMIT !

Protein LOAD !

Best Breakfast :)
The last day at Penang ! Wish came true I guess ? Or perhaps mere anticipation to meet her ? HAHA ! Final bowling day with my dearest bitches and special guest Ms. Chrislyn Hung :) Manatau, before meeting at bowling already slept in her house == ! Luckily I called her LOL ! Seriously, my GOD I stunt a while when I talked with you outside the lift ( DONT KNOW YOU NOTICE OR NOT XD ! ). How come your voice so CUTE one and you SUPER THIN ! Ble ble ble XD ! Now I can officially call you Fang :) This is first time I bowl never exceed 100 points, weird. Too much joking around with the special guest and bitches ! Last set get 94 points same with her LOL ! Anyway really happy to meet you lo, and hope can catch up again soon lo Fang ! Hope you like that Minion Case also :)

Glad to meet you :)


Last day at Penang ended up with a SMILE :) 

Quote of the holiday - The best way to appreciate someone, is to imagine your life without them !

Monday, July 29, 2013



It's been a while since my last blog post regarding my life chasing the dream of mine, yeah indeed was busy and free all these while. Especially building MY BODY ! Damn I have some muscles on my hand thanks to SIFU SENSEI NICHOLAS JOACHIM ! So here I am, back to my dashboard to update what's really going on in my life.

Well, to date it's been exactly 9 months since I'm pursuing my life as a Cadet right here at the East of Malaysia, stranded with no entertainment but full of EXCITEMENT, THRILL and  FUN ! As I said in my last blog, I was in phase EASA 1 and I manage to pass all papers except Human Performance and Limitations + Airlaw which I decided to postpone the exam till later date as I don't really have confidence in those subjects as I dont wanna pay RM900 for those papers incase I fail !

Just a short brief on my exam experience. BULLSHIT ! Those hard or almost impossible to pass papers rumours is just a BULLSHIT ! For me seriously, if you studied well, and practice well in those exercise especially Aviation Exam, I guarantee you can pass with well high average ! Why ? Because it's really EASY ! For example, Aircraft General Knowledge, 95% of the questions out of 80 questions is from Aviation Exam ! The only paper I feel challenging is Principle Of Flight, my advise please study hard on this ! It's gonna help you next time when you are in Airline.

Aviation Exam Purchasing Website Link -

FINALLY ! I flew some hours right after I back from a short holiday after my exams. Well did not enjoyed well during the holiday but it's all worth it as I really learn't a lot new stuff in hangar right after I back to KB. Circuit, touch n go, IF flight, General Handling, Stall and Navigation Flight is my routine for the pass 2 months ! My best experience, NAVIGATION ! Damn 6000-8000 ft, 20 degree Celsius plus some good view of the clouds ! I just can't stay on the ground since those flights !

For info, I'm currently flying with 1 of the Piper Warrior 28 from the fleet of 15 of APFT. A very good analogue style aircraft, very stable plus it's really NOOB friendly HAHAHAHA ! It is powered by 4 cylinder Lycoming Naturally Aspirated Engines and consumes AVGAS 100LL as the fuel. With 4 seats, it rotates at 65 knots for normal take off with POB 3 ! Best part for me, it is controlled with normal Boeing Style Yoke ! I guess pictures will speak thousand words !

Paying respect for the fallen lahad datu heroes !

Paying respect for the fallen lahad datu heroes !

HEHEHE ! Girls school visit :)

Me and the MIGHTY C-130 Hercules !

Capt. Hisham Yusof from Abu Dhabi Presidential Fleet talk !

Kris Sakti MD Capt. Halim !

The boys with Kris Sakti Extra 300 L !

Me with the MAN (Malaysian Astronaut) !

Milo Beng Khaw Float only in Kelantan !

Protein LOAD  !

My baby Piper Warrior !

Warrior 2 cockpit !

Malindo ATR72 !


Me with BOMBA Agusta !




Buka Puasa with the boys !


Three Musketeers !

The Indian GYM God !

Bazaar Ramadhan :)


Alright, now for the interesting part of my life other than study life. A lil bit personal I guess ? Yeah, I had some up and downs in my relationship this few months, things just does not work out. Who's problem ? Emmmm I guess most of it is mine ! I don't know guys, I always screw up relationship, maybe I just never met the right one ? Or maybe time ? Or maybe my life cycle, that always CHANGE every 1 year ! Seriously, I'm going for something really great in my life which is PILOT ! It's my dream since I know anything about relationship, so I can't really give up this for anything. Seriously, I dont think its fair for me to drag you down with my hectic life, my fucking attitude and my irresponsibility on relationship because of me ! And for me, I really wanted you to change, but I gave you so many time chances to do it. But it just doesn't WORK OUT ! Now you have something GREAT for you to chase for which is your career, I'm here fully supporting you always. Trust me. Your success is all I want since I know you and you know it very well.

I really hope you can get someone who really appreciate you, cares you and most importantly stays with you no matter what anyone says. Because I ain't that PERSON. I'm different, and I'm finding someone DIFFERENT !

Someone who really make me laugh, make me focus in my career as she strives her's and make me say 'HEYYYYYY, punch my face because I'm not working HARD !' I think I've found one person that was always her all these while, but something just never let me find her. Seriously, she's funny, and one thing I like on her, her smile LOL ! She looks like a very wise and caring person, especially to her family, quite amazed with her stories and how she look in things, SERIOUSLY MORE MATURE THAN ME ! Nehhhhhhh, just gonna be her friend, really wanted to know her more and more and more... I wonder she's the same in REAL PERSON HAHAHAHAHA :)


Mean while here at the links for aspiring pilot's on how to get contact with me for more info :

Facebook link - Mugundhan Gobalakrishnan

Watsapp/LINE - 012-5976564

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thinking what to write...

While thinking what to write, I opened my netbook and started blogging. It's usual back here that I do sleep early, but in truth, I can't really sleep while lying on my bed. My minds started to wander around, past memories, past experiences and future dreams all in my head at once.

So why do I think so much ? I don't really know for real. Scared of something ? Yes perhaps. For now, I'm just gonna throw all those thoughts out of my soul !

I know I'm quite annoying sometime, but in fact I really pass by your blog and just wanted to know how are you actually, is it really necessary for you to block me out of your life like this ? Well, I'm still guessing on this actually, I don't really know whether you are purposely or the other way round. Can't we be friends at all for now ? I mean like ever ? Seriously ?

I don't know man, whenever I look through all those pictures, I do get back those memories for at least. I don't know whether you feel the same too. We could be together last time, but I don't know, things messed up, or maybe I messed up. But I'm pretty sure you still remember all those memories I gave perhaps. I know we are adult's now, but can we act like one ? Throw away those hatred and like be friends back ? Is it impossible ?

Anyway I still respect your choice and decision, cause I respect mine too. I will still be me, caring you as a friend. Get Well Soon.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Life at APFT Crew for 5 months in WORDS :)

Me in the class. Well picture says I'm boring !

Well, 5 months gone by air in a just a flick of a finger. Predicted graduation of Ab-Initio ATPL for me is 18 months and 13 months to go if everything goes smooth. Life here I can say is moderate, simple and relax, but of course I still miss Penang a lot, but for chasing the dream of mine, sacrifice is needed.

My place when weather is fantastic !

My place when weather is a bit not good !

My place when it's not good at all !

Food is great, sports and entertainment is just good. Loneliness always fills in me, but books fills my hand. I understand now, for every dream there is challenges and obstacles a person need to get through. I'm facing mine now so do all Aviators out there. To all the Aviator's, once a Pilot, always a Pilot !

Best lunch in APFT (Spaghetti and mushroom soup with garlic bread)

Penang Char Kuey Teow at nearby shop

Highly recommended ITIK SERATI just infront ground school KBR !

Best breakfast in APFT (Scrambled egg, hot dog and baked beans)

Triple Holy Cheese !!! In the airport of course :)

Okay, what's my progress at here ? At first, my batch started off with PPL (Private Pilot License  course which I finished in 1 month sharp. God bless, I passed all the necessary PPL exam in one sitting. The hardest part ? I would say Navigation and Meteorology ! Only two cadets in my batch including me passed in one sitting. If you are wondering why ? I would say, less revision. After that we went into Management Course which includes quite a number of subject for full-filling MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency) requirement for Diploma program in Aviation. Some of the subject we went into for 2 months duration are Bahasa Kebangsaan, Pengajian Malaysia, IPC (Interpersonal Communication) and OB (Organizational Behavior). Passed all in grade A which I'm really happy with it ! Hopefully my CGPA would rise and rise :)

During PPL exam group revision :)

Currently in Phase 1 ! The start of my aviation subjects and headache of-course ! 4000++ pages for me to study and 11 books for me to indulge in 2.5 months ! Is that possible ? Well, it is a YES ! I've gone through phase 1 for I guess 3 weeks already by now, and I feel with constant study and revision, most of the cadets can get through, but of-course EASA Exam is another case :(

Thickness as tall as MOUNTAIN ! Total 4000++ pages to go !

To those aspiring Pilot's out there, EASA 1 which is Phase 1 includes some technical subjects such as Airframe System, Power Plant, Electrical and Electronics, Principle of Flight, Air law,  VFR and IFR Communications and Human Performance and Limitations. All these subjects are according to EASA and DCA Malaysia combined standard and it is quite hard to get through. Just for info, each subject you wanted to resit in case you failed will cost you RM600 !!! Aim for ONE GO !!!

Weekend outing :)

Football fever AFC Cup !

Malaysia Boleh !

Borneo Awaken at USM

Like a BOSS !

Me and Khalid Whalid !

Hmmmm, what to buy ? Faruq Azran Mazran XD !

What Pilot's do when no lecture going on :)

Funny and weird thing always happen in Kelantan ! Horse running wild at the airport !

The man behind the scene !

The Nigga's !

Alright, APFT (Asia Pacific Flight Training) do train cadets practically for fulfilling the requirement of DCA Malaysia for air crew licensing. Such as ground training, flight training and also simulator training ! So what is SIMULATOR training ? A simulator is actually a machine that will replicate any situation in this case flying to the pilot to handle and counteract with it. A simulator can replicate emergencies such as engine failure and bad weather without causing high cost and even human life !

FSX a.k.a. Microsoft Flight Simulator X !

In APFT we have 3 simulator at the KBR ground school. Namely, ATR72-200 which can be configured to Piper Warrior Seminole by ALSIM. And 2 unit of Diamond-40 by Diamond Tech. One of the Diamond simulator is reserved for MPL student usage only for now and others are ATPL cadets.

Me in ATR-72 simulator !

Me in ATR-72 simulator throttle checking :)

ATR-72 configurable to Piper Seminole cockpit !

ATR-72 configurable to Piper Seminole cockpit !

Batch 56/12 and Batch 58/12 group photo with Captain Goyal !

KBR Flying club indoor simulator a.k.a. FSX !

Diamond-40 Simulator running !

Diamond-40 Simulator running !
Well, stay tune for more. Gonna share some of my rare experience here in KBR in coming post. Sometime too much aviation might be boring LOL !

Imma bus driver ! Airbus !

Gym time get some muscle here in crew residence :)

Mean while here at the links for aspiring pilot's on how to get contact with me for more info :

Facebook link - Mugundhan Gobalakrishnan

Watsapp/LINE - 012-5976564